Carlton McRae

Carlton McRae.

Carlton "Carl" McRae (born January 19, 1963) is a New Zealand actor who worked as a scale double for Sylvester McCoy in The Hobbit trilogy, played a Laketowner in The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies, himself playing guitar and backing vocals and an Orc Fodder in Absentia in the parody shorts Who the 'Ell Is Tauriel? and Dwarf on a Pig.



Short FilmEdit

  • The Shape (2006) - The Shape
  • Redundant (2006) - Hired Hitman, O'Neill
  • Epiphany Inc (2006) - Businessman, Mike Andrews
  • Black & White (2008) - Psychiatric Patient
  • Raising Cane (2009) - Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Pot Luck (2011) - Paranoid Drug Dealer
  • Who the 'Ell Is Tauriel? (2013) - Himself - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Dwarf on a Pig (2014) - Orc Fodder in Absentia
  • When Mani Meets Moth (2015) - Father

Behind the scenesEdit

  • McRae is a singer/songwriter and was in the California Dreamers'with William Kircher (who portrayed as Bifur in the trilogy), and also fronts his own band, The Psychedelic Lemons. [1], plus The Rough Diamonds.
  • McRae also worked with Peter Jackson in King Kong and Mortal Engines.
  • McRae is the husband of Annette McRae and the father of Rupert and Dorian McRae.

Notes and referencesEdit


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