Frór II
Frór II
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2880
Age 1
Fate Taken to safety with his family
Physical attributes
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Dwarven Sword
Race Dwarf
Actor Aidan Turner

Frór II was a newborn dwarf who was the son of Runa and Dáin Ironfoot and the younger brother of Thórin Stonehelm. Named after Frór I, who was the younger brother of Thrór, Frór was born in the Iron Hills, his mother had recently took him to the city of Erebor where he would meet his great-grandfather Thrór. That was when Smaug began to descend from the sky and attacked Erebor. He was taken safely out of ruined city with his mother from which Smaug had caused and returned home to the Iron Hills.


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