Vital statistics
Birth TA 2842
Death TA 2880
Age 38
Fate Killed by Smaug during the firestorm.
Physical attributes
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Gray
Gender Female
Weapon Unknown
Race Dwarf
Actor None

Frerís was known to be one of the most prettiest of every dwarf-women in Middle-Earth. She was also a skilled warrior and had about six sisters and three brothers. Married to Frérin, she was the mother of Líf and Nál. While living in Erebor with many of her kin, Frerís and her daughters were in Dale just as the dragon Smaug came and laid waste on the city and the neighboring kingdom of Erebor. She and her daughters were among those that were killed in the chaos that the dragon caused and would take Erebor as his own. Her grieving husband would soon die ten years later in the battle of Khazad-Dûm.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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