Vital statistics
Birth TA 2832
Death TA 2880
Age 48
Fate Killed by Smaug during the firestorm
Physical attributes
Hair color Dark
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Bow
Race Human
Actor Unknown actor

Garf was a Human man who lived in Dale. Serving as a Captain of War, he was sent with the Cities last forces to slay Smaug the Dragon. When Smaug attacked the city in TA 2880, Captain Garf was among many others to try to kill the Dragon, but was killed by the beast before Girion used his Black Arrows against him.


Dale Soldier

Garf shooting one of his arrows at Smaug.

Living in the region of Rhovanion, Garf was born in the vast city of Dale during the Third Age. He grew up to become a very experienced Captain of War and was commanded by Lord Girion. Garf was very loyal to his lord and considered himself as a good friend. However, in the year TA 2880 of the Third Age, Garf was outside where he hung out with his son Garfield and observing the city. That was when he noticed that the winds were starting to grow very rapidly. Hearing a roaring noise, Garf knew that the high winds weren't coming from a storm, but from a fire-breathing dragon that had flew from the north to spread terror.

Hearing the roar again, Garf looked up and saw that Smaug had descended and began to destroy a number of structures all around Dale. After getting his son to safety, Garf rallied a large number of archers under Girion's command to take down the monstrous beast. While Girion had been getting the Black Arrows that were constructed, Garf and his archers held off the beast, but were killed by the dragon's flames. His lord and friend tried to take the beast down, but his efforts failed when the beast killed him as well. Garf would be remembered as one of the heroes that tried to take down Smaug, and giving the surviving civilians of Dale to flee for their lives.

Behind the scenesEdit


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