Dale Child 12
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2872
Death Late-Third Age
Age 8
Fate Taken to safety from the firestorm and took refuge in Esgaroth.
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon None
Race Human (Northrons)
Actor Unknown actor

Garfield was a Human Northron who had lived in Dale with his father Garf during the Third Age.


In TA 2880, when Smaug attacked Dale, Garfield stood next to his father before the Dragon's arrival when the Soldier ran and watched the sight of the burning kites. His father managed to get him to safety when he was running for his life as the beast struck fear in the hearts of the citizens. He survived the attack and escaped to Esgaroth just as many others did.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Garfield was portrayed by an unknown child actor in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.


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