Old Fisherman
Vital statistics
Birth Late-Third Age
Death TA 2941
Age Unknown
Fate Killed by Smaug during the Destruction of Esgaroth
Physical attributes
Hair color Grey
Eye color Dark
Gender Unknown
Weapon Unknown
Race Human
Actor Ray Henwood

Malloc was a Man of who lived in Esgaroth throughout his life as a fisherman.


A descendant of the survivors that fled from Dale, Malloc had always remembered the old tales that had happened in the past. He also remembered a prophecy in which a lonely dwarf lord would return to Erebor and reclaim the kingdom from Smaug's wrath. Malloc held dear to the prophecy and would often tell stories to his family. In TA 2941, when a Net Mender was confused on why there were Dwarves wondering about in the town after being told by Hilda Blanca (who saw them while she was examining her plant), Malloc overheard their conversation, and reminded them that it was part of the prophecy of the King of Silver Fountains, which would later spread all over the town. Later that night, Malloc gathered with every citizen in Esgaroth when Thórin Oakenshield revealed himself to Calamar Moneybags.

The next day, Malloc and the people of Esgaroth bid their farewells to the Dwarves, wishing them luck in reclaiming Erebor and defeating the dragon Smaug for good. Although the plan to do so did not go so well when Smaug believed that the people of Esgaroth, including Malloc, were involved in helping the dwarves and flew out of Erebor to exact his revenge and destroy Esgaroth and everyone there. Feeling the rumbles, Malloc stormed out with his family and evacuated with a large number of civilians when Smaug arrived and began to destroy all of Esgaroth. While his family made it out safely, Malloc was killed in Esgaroth's destruction, but that was when Bard the Bowman and his son Bain managed to kill the dragon with the last Black Arrow that Girion, Bard's ancestor, failed to do.

Behind the scenesEdit