Mika Milovana
Mika Milovana
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2845
Death TA 2880
Age 35
Fate Killed by Smaug during the Sack of Erebor
Physical attributes
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
Weapon None
Race Human
Actor None

Mika Milovana was a woman who was the wife of Girion, the Lord of Dale. She was also the mother of Girnir and Harbard, making her the grandmother of Bard Bowman, and great-grandmother of Bain Bardson, Sigrid Bardsdottir, and Tilda Bardsdottir.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Hobbit (1966 film) - Princess Mika Milovana

Mika Milovana in the 1966 adaptation of The Hobbit.

  • Though not appearing in the movie, Mika Milovana appeared as a princess of Dale in the 1966 adaptation of The Hobbit. The character was one of three who survived the destruction of Dale by the dragon Slag, the others being a watchman and General Torin Oakenshield. The Princess got angry when Bilbo refused to accept his prophesied role of the dragon slayer and declared that she would go alone to the Lonely Mountain. Dismayed that a child should enter into such peril, Bilbo agreed to go. After Bilbo had killed Slag, Dale was restored. Bilbo and Mika reigned there together for a time before they returned to Hobbiton.
  • According to Gene Deitch, the director of The Hobbit (1966 film), the Princess was named after Pete Seeger’s eldest daughter "Mika". Her second name, "Milovana", 'means a beloved woman' in Czech.


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