Náin III
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2756
Death TA 2890
Age 134
Fate Slain by Azog the Defiler during the battle of Khazad-Dûm
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Gender Male
Weapon Unknown
Race Dwarf
Actor Unknown actor

Náin III was the Dwarf Lord of the Iron Hills. He was the son of Grór, the husband of Atla, the father of Dáin Ironfoot, and grandfather of Frór II. After word was reached of the dragon taking Erebor, Náin had commanded a legion of Dwarves to assist his uncle Thrór to reclaim the ancient dwarf kingdom of Khazad-Dûm, but it turned out to have been a trap in which Náin and his forces were ambushed by legions of Orcs that have taken Moria as one of their primary bases. During the battle against the enemy, Náin was the first to challenge Azog the Defiler in combat, but was easily slain by the giant Gundabad Orc. His uncle sought to avenge his nephew, but would die next at the Defiler's hand. In fitting retribution, Náin's son would lead the remaining Dwarf-host out of Moria while Thórin Oakenshield managed to wound the Defiler and defeat the entire Orc host.