Fisherman Spy 1
Vital statistics
Birth TA 2910
Death TA 2949
Age 39
Fate Fleeing Esgaroth during its destruction
Physical attributes
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Weapon Knife
Race Human (Northrons)
Actor Carter Nixon

Von was a cruel individual who usually enjoyed to steal things, making him a criminal of Esgaroth. Sometime during his criminal life, Von would work as a spy for the Calamar Moneybags along with his partner to keep an eye on Bard Bowman during the time when the Dwarves of Thórin's company arrived to reclaim Erebor from Smaug.


Born in outskirts of Esgaroth, Von was known to be very greedy and always cared for himself in a way. While growing up in the Long Lake, Von enjoyed to steal things whenever he sees something that he fancied. As a young boy, he use to steal a small golden dagger that belonged to a former thief named Malloc. Sometime in TA 2940, Von formed a small Thieves Guild that he recruited, and had been in league with a group of Goblin Mercenaries from the High-Pass. Helping the Goblin Mercenaries enter Esgaroth unseen, Von and his henchmen went on a secret mission to steal wine barrels that were recently been delivered from the Woodland Realm once every night.

Later, when Calamar Moneybags had scheduled a shipment of crates, Von and his allies desired the crates, and had stolen a number of them. The next night, Von led his henchmen and the Goblin Mercenaries to break into the armory, and stole as many weapons. He also snuck inside Bard's house and stole the Black Arrow that belonged to Girion, a brave Northron Lord who tried to slay the dragon Smaug and met his end by the wrath of the beast.

Fisherman spies

The two spies fishing in front of Bard's house.

Hoping to put an end to Calamar Moneybags' reign as Master of Esgaroth, Von and his syndicate, along with their Goblin allies, would rule Esgaroth and form a new order. In order for that to happen, Von wanted to wait for Thórin Oakenshield and his company of Dwarves to slay Smaug, and then they would claim a large portion of the treasure. The plan to do so was futiled when Bard Bowman managed to claim the Black Arrow unseen, and Von thought that the Goblin Mercenaries double-crossed him. This led to a skirmish in which both sides suffered heavy casualties. Von avoided arrest and kept himself in low profile where he served as a spy for the Master.

In TA 2941, the Spy along with his partner, where hired by the Master of Lake-town to keep an eye on Bard when he was suspicious that he was behind the growing threat of his authority. They sat on their boat fishing and watching Bard's home at the same time, until Bard and his son Bain arrived and paid his partner a bag of gold and ordered them to tell the Master that he was done for the day. Later that night, Von had gathered in the streets when the Dwarves of Erebor revealed themselves to the Master and the entire town. Believing that the Dwarves would succeed, Von hoped to get a huge claim of the treasure once Smaug had been dealt with.

Although, his hopefulness did not come true when the Dwarves accidently awoke the beast and tried to assassinate him. Believing that the people of Esgaroth, as well as Von, were involved in helping the Dwarves, he flew down towards Esgaroth and burn the entire town to the bottom of the long lake. Von had recently snuck in the Master's mansion and stole a bag of gold and managed to flee from Esgaroth. He did not seem to care when Bard slew the dragon and chose to flee. Sometime in TA 2949, Von died from starvation.

Behind the scenesEdit


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